Meeting – Dec 11, 2014


Thursday, December 11, 2014, 6:30-8:00 PM, followed by pizza at Patsy's.

Who and what

  • Presenter: Our guest speaker this month is Daniel Steinberg (@dimsumthinking). Daniel is a frequent speaker at CocoaConf and author of A Swift Kickstart. He'll be giving his talk about Swift functions, entitled "What the Func?"

  • Open discussion: We'll have our usual open discussion time, where we discuss the latest news, help each other with technical questions, share tips and tricks, and sometimes show off personal side projects.

  • Dinner: We'll continue our conversation over dinner, at the venue noted above. NOTE: By CocoaHeadsNYC tradition, the group chips in and pays for the speaker's meal.


Google, 76 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011 (map below)

You might want to arrive a few minutes early in case there's a line at the security desk. You will need to be badged in twice, so it will help to be on time.

Be sure to use the 9th Ave entrance. Tell the guard at the security desk that you're going to Google for the CocoaHeads meeting on the 4th floor. Present ID and they will print a building badge.

Take the elevator to the 4th floor. If you're on time, Ed Marczak [for the Dec 11 meeting it'll be Russell Hancox] will be waiting by the elevator to help you get your Google badge. If you arrive after 6:30, call or text Andy and someone will come out to let you in.

Any problems, call or text Andy Lee at 917-805-8910. See you there!