July 2014 Meeting


I didn't have time to add this before the meeting, but for the record, our second speaker was Ariel Michaeli, CEO of appFigures. appFigures is a tracking platform for app developers and publishers:

We automatically grab and visualize everything that matters by combining sales & download numbers, world-wide reviews & ranks, and other juicy data into powerful, easy to understand reports.

Ariel gave a demo and took our questions about how it's put together. appFigures is hiring, by the way.


Many thanks to David Cilia and GrubHub for kindly hosting CocoaHeadsNYC this month! See down below for location details.

If you plan to attend, I'll need an RSVP by Wednesday so that David can give the list of names to building security. Email me (Andy Lee) at aglee@earthlink.net, or ping me on Twitter, where I'm @cocoadog. You can also text me at 917-805-8910.

Regarding food: The current plan is that we'll eat in again, like the last time we were there, but this time we'll all chip in. I'm perfectly happy to go with pizza again but it could be something else if there are decent alternatives that deliver and folks are interested.


Thursday, July 10, 2014, 6:30-8:00 PM.

Who and what:

  • Presenter: Pavan Podila will give a demo of his new Mac app, QuickLens, which is tailored for UI Designers and Developers. It allows you to do a variety of on-screen tasks like

    • Zooming into an area of desktop
    • Sampling colors, exporting it to color sheets and Photoshop Swatches
    • Measuring dimensions
    • Inspecting alignments using screen-wide guides
    • And much more

    The app has been optimized for OSX Mavericks and leverages the latest advancements in energy management and Windowing system.

  • Open time: We'll have our usual open discussion time. Feel free to ask technical questions, share tips and tricks, or show us a side project you're working on.


Special location this month!

The July meeting will be at GrubHub's offices, located at

5 Bryant Park
aka 1065 Avenue of the Americas, between 40 & 41st
aka 111 West 40th Street

Enter at 111 West 40th Street (photo below). Present ID to the front desk and they'll tell you which elevator to take.

Screen Shot 2014 07 08 at 1 01 16 AM