July 2011 meeting recap

I'm running late as usual, so I'll dash this off and possibly amend later or post a followup.

I don't know what our record attendance was but we probably doubled it last night at about 40 people. Fortunately Clay was able to procure us a larger conference room that could hold us.

Daniel's talk was great — it addressed areas I should definitely know better and in fact had recently struggled with. I got the talk on video which I will post this weekend. It turned out okay but I made the mistake of pointing the camera at Daniel with the bright projection screen behind him, so he looks like he's in the witness protection program.

We had quite a few newcomers who'd heard of CocoaHeads via Larry Legend's iOS meetup. Larry himself was there and told us a bit about his group. If you think 40 is a lot of people, you should have been there Monday, when he had the Apple Store packed to the rafters.

We raffled off two AppViz licenses using our traditional heads-and-tails methodology. (I wonder if arms-in-the-air/arms-folded would feel less goofy.) I've sent IdeaSwarm the info they need to generate the license keys.

When it looked like we had about 20 for dinner, someone suggested calling Patsy's to warn them and to let them know we wouldn't mind being broken up into multiple tables if necessary. This turned out to be a very good idea. When we got there they had set up a gigantic table for us and they greeted us very cheerfully.

2 thoughts on “July 2011 meeting recap

  1. By the way, I talked with the manager when we were there. She said that normally when people call ahead with a large group they charge a prix fixe, but for us they will be happy to prepare for us every month and it's a great idea to call ahead.

  2. That's really nice! Thanks for that.

    BTW, I spent so much time futzing with CSS in WordPress I plumb forgot to post the video. There will be two versions — the badly exposed version I mentioned, and a nicer one via Google magic that Ed will get to me that I believe will be like the WWDC videos: captures of audio and screen, without video of the actual speaker. I was thinking I'd post both on Vimeo (where I have a paid account) rather than use my own bandwidth. Will get to it Real Soon Now.

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