Other stuff from the September 2011 meeting

Here's some of the stuff we talked about at the last meeting in addition to the main presentation.

Xcode 4 – call for speaker

Demitri had questions about Xcode 4. Seems like there's a lot of that these days. Ed suggested that it would be great if we could get a presentation from someone who knows Xcode 4 very well and can talk us through it and get it to make sense to us.

==> If you can (and would like to) demo and evangelize Xcode 4 with clarity and persuasiveness that would make Guy Kawasaki proud, please let me know.

E-waste recycling at Tekserve next Saturday

LESEC's next e-waste recycling event will be at Tekserve next Saturday, the 17th. See here for more info.

iOS for students with special needs

I mentioned a seminar I'd attended at Tekserve called "iOS Devices for Students with Special Needs". The speaker was Vicky Windman, who has a site called IpadAppsClarkstown.

Tekserve does quite a bit of work with people with special needs. Check out their Adaptive Technology page if you're looking for solutions or if you'd like to work with Tekserve in this area.

NSManagedObject puzzler

I posed a brainteaser based on a debugging question Andy Finnell posted on Twitter:


macgeek02: I need a sanity check. I should be able to do this:

NSManagedObject *object = …; NSLog(@“object = %@“, object);

without an exception?


macgeek02: My google-fu is failing me. It’s throwing a -[__NSCFNumber objectID]: unrecognized selector… I only got one thread (that I created).


macgeek02: Thanks for all the suggestions. Twitter isn’t best way to debug. (FYI: not a fault, not a zombie. Throwing in NSManagedObject description)

Ben was the first to get on the right track. Here's where Andy posted the answer once he figured it out, and some of the replies he got:

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