November 2011

Here's a belated recap of the November meeting.

Ed showed some photos from MacTech Conference, which was a lot of fun, by the way. I encourage all you developers to attend next year.

I gave a short intro to ARC, partly to invite the audience to fill in gaps in my understanding. For any of you who would like to give a presentation about something but hesitate because you don't feel like a world-class expert — I invite you to present what you do know and we can use group discussion to enhance everybody's understanding including your own. CocoaHeadsNYC is about as friendly and low-pressure a venue as you'll find to present at. And I think you will find that just preparing to give the talk will help clarify your thoughts.

Patsy's, our usual pizza/pasta place, was again very accommodating. I called ahead to say we had, as I recall, about 16 people. When we showed up with more like 20 people, they cleared an entire separate area for us to move to so the group wouldn't have to split between two tables. All that and they have good food.

Usually I try to jot down things that are mentioned at CocoaHeads, often in passing, that I think would be worth posting links to. For some reason I only have one thing in my notes this month: someone asked if anybody's tried AppCode, by JetBrains.

AppCode is a new Objective-C IDE for developers building apps for Apple devices such as Macs, iPhones & iPads.

I keep meaning to check it out myself.

December's meeting is coming up fast. It's going to be this coming Monday, December 5, instead of the traditional second Thursday, due to scheduling requirements at Google. We will have two speakers this month; stay tuned for details.

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