July 2012 — belated recap

I was the speaker for July. ("I" = Andy Lee.)

For openers I showed a couple of "Stupid Dash Tricks" — nifty features of the Dash documentation browser. For example, you can limit its search to a particular docset by typing a prefix before your search string. I use the prefix "m:" to search the Cocoa docs, and "i:" for the iOS docs. Thereafter, Dash continues to use the same prefix until you say otherwise.

Another trick: you can specify a separate find string after the search string, which has two effects:

  • If your selected search result is a class, the list of methods for the class is filtered using the find string.
  • The find string goes into the system Find pasteboard, so you can use Command-G and/or Shift-Command-G to cycle through occurrences of the string in the selected document.

I then gave a talk about something else entirely, namely Auto Layout. That talk was a tiny bit of a train wreck, as I'd managed to mess up my demo app at the last minute before the meeting, but the audience was kind.

In fact, the audience at CocoaHeadsNYC is always kind, which is why I recommend volunteering to give a presentation if that's something you'd like to practice, or if you simply have an interesting thing you'd like to share. You don't have to be a world-class expert — it could even be something you're just learning about.

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