October 2012 – Bob and Jason

We had two speakers for the October meeting.

Bob Clair's talk was about "Hiding your instances variables… or not":

I've discovered some odd things while investigating the issue. Let's say you declare an instance variable in a class extension or the @implementation section so it is (theoretically) @private. If I find out the name (hello class-dump) I can read or set that variable from anyplace that has a pointer to the instance without subclassing it, without writing a category accessor, without using KVC and without using the runtime functions.

Jason Brennan (visiting from Ottawa!) gave a demo of

a debugging tool that works over the network to do real-time inspection and manipulation of iOS apps (that is, without need to set break points). It does this with a REPL console with some handy tools for quickly making changes and testing them.

Jason's slides are on GitHub. You can also view them below:

On a side note, I (Andy) was unable to make this meeting, which is a bummer because by all accounts it was great. I notice Jason's slides use what I believe is called the Lawrence Lessig style of presentation. They are sparse, but they look so great I can't stop skimming them!

Thanks very much to Jason for making time on his trip to visit CocoaHeads.

[UPDATE: SuperDB is now open source on GitHub. Thanks very much, Jason!]

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