Peter Hosey's favorite AppCode features

If you missed Peter Hosey's talk about AppCode last month, here's a 47-second demo of the features he uses most.

Here's Peter's description for the video:

Quickie demo of some of AppCode's features. In order:

  • Live template (⌘J) "alloc" (inserts alloc/init)
  • Automatic import insertion (as soon as I use PRHTestView, AppCode adds the #import for me)
  • Smart completions for placeholders
  • Use, then create (in this case, a local variable)
  • Extract to Instance Variable (creates ivar for me, inferring the correct type from the result type of the expression and guessing what name I'll want from the available clues)

UPDATE: Peter followed that with another short video:

More of AppCode's features, including:

  • Generate (⌃⏎) → Override Methods (inserts blank implementations of specific superclass methods)
  • Intention: Create method (inferring selector, argument types, and return type from message expression)
  • Extract to (local) variable (⌘⌥V)
  • Unuse detection (note how the prefab return statement turns gray when I insert my own above it)

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