Last week, the day before our meeting, I announced to the group that I would be stepping down as organizer. As of now, that change is official: Natalie Podrazik is the new organizer of CocoaHeadsNYC.

Many of us know Natalie as a longtime attendee and contributor, and as a friend. She and I have discussed many times what we value about CocoaHeads. I feel Natalie is perfect for the role, and everyone at the meeting on Thursday was supportive as well.

We will continue to meet every month at the Google offices. For that I want to say thanks to Ed Marczak, our sponsor at Google and another longtime CocoaHead. Thanks also to the other Googlers who help us out.

I don't want to sound too farewell-ish, since I'm not actually going anywhere, but for the record: I've appreciated everyone's support over the years.  What a great bunch we are!

Natalie, you have the reins.

I'll see you all at next month's meeting!

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