October 12: Marc Van Olmen on the Reuters tvOS app

Join us this month where Marc Van Olmen will share some detail around working on the Reuters tvOS app.

We'll begin 6:30pm at Google. Enter on the 9th Avenue side of the building (entrance is close to Starbucks), check in with Security, and head to the 4th floor.

Folks interested in Pizza afterward should join the crowd and head up to Zia Maria's, on 23rd between 7th and 8th.

Last month, we gathered over pizza to discuss Apple's September announcements. We shared our theories about the experience of face-unlocking the iPhone X, made plans to trade 1st Generation Apple Watches in for the new ones, and lamented the loss of scrollview insets set to zero by default. Now that we're nearly a month into iOS 11, I'm sure we'll have even more insights to share.

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