August 9th: Tom Brodhurst-Hill on Building UI Like Lego Blocks

This month's meeting will be on Thursday, August 9th at 6:30pm.

This week we have the pleasure to welcome Tom Brodhurst-Hill (all the way from Australia!) to speak about building UI for apps like Lego blocks – combining UIKit code and Interface Builder, storyboards, xibs, IBInspectable, and IBDesignable, in ways you probably haven’t seen before.

Here is a brief bio of Tom:

Tom Brodhurst-Hill runs a small consultancy called "BareFeetWare", based in Australia. He builds apps and leads teams at major enterprises and government departments. Tom runs workshops for designers and developers, showing them how to get the most of Xcode and Interface builder and build apps like Lego.

As a child, Tom saved his pocket money to buy Lego, and marvelled at how the blocks could be assembled and altered to create many different toys. He eventually sold his Lego to buy his first computer and years later started developing apps for iOS. Some things haven’t changed. He still likes building components that anyone can assemble like Lego blocks to make apps. He still doesn’t wear shoes.

Please be advised, we cannot get around pre-registering guests at the Facebook office, so you'll need to fill out your name and email address in this Google Form.

We'll go out for dinner afterwards, location TBD.

Thanks and see everyone there!

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