July 2013 meeting recap

[Update: Michele will be speaking at MacTech Conference, which is Nov 6-8, 2013 in Los Angeles, with pre-conference workshops and accreditation available on Nov 5.]

Our guest speaker was Michele Titolo, who gave a talk about "Mastering the Project File":

Do you frequently hear yourself say "Don't touch the project file!", "Who overrode my changes?" or "Where did my file go?" If so, this talk is for you. We constantly put the project file on a pedestal of things-you-do-not-mess-with, but is this much caution really warranted? We'll cover tips, tricks, and solutions to promote harmony between you and your project file.

Luckily for us, Michele happened to be in town, happened to learn about the CocoaHeads meeting, and happened to be willing to be our speaker on short notice.

Daniel Jalkut happened to be in town as well, and also made it to the meeting.

Thanks as always to Dulio Denis for shooting and editing the video.

CocoaHeads NYC July 2013 from Dulio Denis on Vimeo.

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