June 2013 meeting recap

At our June meeting, Anup gave an intro to CocoaPods, I demoed an early draft of an app I've been working on for watching and searching WWDC videos, and Ed led a discussion on the new stuff announced at WWDC.

We'll be back on the normal schedule for next month's meeting, which will be on the usual second Thursday (July 11). I'm going to look for a different place to have July's post-meeting dinner — suggestions would be welcome. I love Patsy's and wouldn't mind eating there twice in two weeks, but others might feel differently, plus I've been told that a little variety in general would be appreciated.

We don't have a speaker yet for July, so if anyone would like to volunteer, either email me at aglee@earthlink.net or post to the list if you'd like to gauge the group's interest.

Here are Anup's slides and resource links:

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