We've had a number of solid speakers and get-togethers over the past year, and I apologize for not keeping the blog up to date.  Even the meetings without a formal speaker have given us the chance to decompress around our favorite topics and provide a backchannel for some current events.

Here's what we've been talking about since July 2015:

  1. In August, after we had a chance to let WWDC sink in a bit, and caught up on a few talks, we had a lively discussion about some of the new things and things omitted.
  2. October was fresh after the tvOS announcement. We discussed some of the limitations and documentation.
  3. For our November meeting, we got an excellent demo from Bob Clair about the physics app that he'd been working on for CERN.  Eric Panchenko also gave us a walkthrough of his trivia app that he rebuilt for tvOS.
  4. I gave a demo in December of a UITableView that prepends data as the user scrolls up (as Messages does).
  5. Dennis Pilarinos from Buddybuild impressed us thoroughly with a new way to distribute Beta builds in January!
  6. For February, we tried a show-and-tell type of set up with a few demos from around the table.

Looking forward to what 2016 will bring!


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