Our next meeting is Thursday, 3/10/16, with Sophia D'Antoine from Trail of Bits

Greetings, CocoaHeads!

Join us on Thursday, 3/10/16, for a riveting presentation from Sophia D'Antoine.  Sophia hails from Trail of Bits, a security firm in the city, and she'll talk about the product she's been working on there that offers jailbreak detection, anti-reversing of LLVM code, and a few other prevention techniques for applications that must be secure. She and the company's founder, Dan Guido, gave an excellent overview of the security space on iOS at Etsy's Code as Craft series a few weeks ago and I could not be more excited that she'll share with our group for this month. For a sneak peek on the topic matter, take a look at this blog post.

And, on a sadder note, Patsy's 23rd Street location has closed. So, for dinner after, voice your choice in this poll.



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