October 13th: Sam Jarman on Push Notifications

Happy month of the Pumpkin, CocoaHeads! Join us Thursday, October 13th at 6:30 at Google for Codetoberfest our monthly meetup.

This week, we welcome visiting developer Sam Jarman. He's going to talk about one of my most favorite subjects: Push Notifications.

We'll be at Google on the 9th Avenue Side. I'll prepare the security team a little bit in advance of 6:30 that our group is coming, so, if you don't see any familiar faces at the entrance, I'll look for our group on 4 just outside the Elevators. You can also send me a good ol'-fashioned text message: 410 570 1555.


Afterward, we'll head to Zia Maria, formerly known as Patsy's, since we've had luck there for the past few months.

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