November 10th: Making Meetup 6.0 with Paul Bruneau & Matthew Bischoff

Join us on Thursday, November 10th at 6:30 at Google for CocoaHeads NYC!

This month, Paul Bruneau and Matthew Bischoff will talk about "Making Meetup 6.0". They'll walk us through the architecture underlying the new Meetup iOS app, rewritten entirely in Swift, as well as how they employed view models, protocols, generics, unit tests, and other patterns to build an app that's fun to work on and easy to change.

Paul joins us from Meetup and Matt is from Lickability. They're both long time members and friends of CocoaHeads and I'm so excited to hear what they've been working on.


It's at Google on the 9th Avenue side at 6:30. Use your cellular service to reach out to me, Natalie, at 410_570_1555, in case you have trouble getting in.

And we'll head back to Zia Maria since we've been having pretty good luck there.

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