November 10th: Making Meetup 6.0 with Paul Bruneau & Matthew Bischoff

Join us on Thursday, November 10th at 6:30 at Google for CocoaHeads NYC!

This month, Paul Bruneau and Matthew Bischoff will talk about "Making Meetup 6.0". They'll walk us through the architecture underlying the new Meetup iOS app, rewritten entirely in Swift, as well as how they employed view models, protocols, generics, unit tests, and other patterns to build an app that's fun to work on and easy to change.

Paul joins us from Meetup and Matt is from Lickability. They're both long time members and friends of CocoaHeads and I'm so excited to hear what they've been working on.


It's at Google on the 9th Avenue side at 6:30. Use your cellular service to reach out to me, Natalie, at 410_570_1555, in case you have trouble getting in.

And we'll head back to Zia Maria since we've been having pretty good luck there.

October 13th: Sam Jarman on Push Notifications

Happy month of the Pumpkin, CocoaHeads! Join us Thursday, October 13th at 6:30 at Google for Codetoberfest our monthly meetup.

This week, we welcome visiting developer Sam Jarman. He's going to talk about one of my most favorite subjects: Push Notifications.

We'll be at Google on the 9th Avenue Side. I'll prepare the security team a little bit in advance of 6:30 that our group is coming, so, if you don't see any familiar faces at the entrance, I'll look for our group on 4 just outside the Elevators. You can also send me a good ol'-fashioned text message: 410 570 1555.


Afterward, we'll head to Zia Maria, formerly known as Patsy's, since we've had luck there for the past few months.

September 8: Demitri Muna, Orta Therox, and Natalie Podrazik for Demo Night

Fall is here and so are we! CocoaHeads NYC is meeting this Thursday, September 8, at Google at 6:30. Join us for a few shorter talks and demos:

  1. Demitri Muna on building an Infinite Grid View on the Mac
  2. Orta Therox with a demo
  3. Natalie Podrazik (me!) with a BodyTalk demo, full of iOS 10 & watchOS 3 goodies

Remember to arrive a little before 6:30 to get through the security on the 9th Avenue side. This may change in the future but for now, it's our usual deal.

Afterward, join us for pizza! We're heading back to 23rd Street, between 8th and 9th to a place called Zia Maria, which is the Place Formerly Known as Patsy's.


This Thursday, July 7th: Brian Papa from theSkimm, hosted by eBay

Join us this Thursday, July 7th at 7pm, for our Cocoaheads meetup!1 Our host this month is eBay, who has generously offered us pizza and beer in their beautiful Studio space (right above the Container Store on 6th Ave).

Our speaker this month is longtime Cocoaheads member Brian Papa! Brian works for The Skimm, a newsletter-based media company that has over a million and a half subscribers. When TheSkimm's app launched in April, it had over 1000 reviews in a week (!) and several of my friends told me how excited they were to buy a subscription. I personally know how big of a deal it is for users to fork over an in-app purchase for a recurring subscription, so, I have no doubt Brian's going to share a couple of interesting points he's learned.

eBay Studio
625 Avenue of Americas (6th Ave, between 18th and 19th), 3rd Floor


Heads up: Next Month

I am searching for a speaker for next month's meetup on August 11th. Let me know if you're interested!  If I don't find a speaker, we might skip August and resume our regularly scheduled program for September.  I'll let you know well in advance either way.



Yes, this breaks the second Thursday of each month rhythm. I booked a vacation for next week. Apologies!

[Venue Change: Code & Theory] June 9th with Don Coleman about Bluetooth

Happy June, CocoaHeads! We're only one week away from WWDC, we have an excellent speaker planned, and we've got a venue change for this month's meeting.

Don Coleman joins us from Philadelphia, and he's been doing a lot of work with Bluetooth Low Energy. He's a seasoned veteran on the subject, and he's given numerous talks about it!  Thursday, he'll share a few things he's learned from his experiences with Arduinos, iBeacons, and lots more.

We will not be meeting at Google this month. Code & Theory has offered to host us on June 9th at 6:30:

Code & Theory 575 Broadway, 5th Floor New York, NY 10012

They've also very graciously offered to buy us pizza, so, we won't be going out to dinner afterward. Please plan to arrive promptly at 6:30 so we can get our talk in and grab a slice and pontificate about the future Apple will bring us next week.


Our next meeting is Thursday, 3/10/16, with Sophia D'Antoine from Trail of Bits

Greetings, CocoaHeads!

Join us on Thursday, 3/10/16, for a riveting presentation from Sophia D'Antoine.  Sophia hails from Trail of Bits, a security firm in the city, and she'll talk about the product she's been working on there that offers jailbreak detection, anti-reversing of LLVM code, and a few other prevention techniques for applications that must be secure. She and the company's founder, Dan Guido, gave an excellent overview of the security space on iOS at Etsy's Code as Craft series a few weeks ago and I could not be more excited that she'll share with our group for this month. For a sneak peek on the topic matter, take a look at this blog post.

And, on a sadder note, Patsy's 23rd Street location has closed. So, for dinner after, voice your choice in this poll.